Guide to Essential Meetings:

Service Review Meetings - Healthcare Help consultants assist many Providers in the Auckland at Service Review Meetings [mini Gaps Analysis]. These should NOT be held more frequently and mixed up among staff meetings. A robust Service Review Meeting needs half a day set aside. It is hard to review your own service - outside eyes also help bring attention to Industry Updates and Best Practice Guidelines.

Suggeted Service Review Schedule:

Annual Review
[overview previous year & look forward over the next]
Document Review
1st Review Meeting
2nd  Review meeting
3rd Review Meeting

Those in the Benchmarking Stats Program may request a Prepared Report. This is to the set agenda below with your incidents shown in graphical form measured against THE AVERAGE of everyone else in teh program.
1.     Occupancy. Is the service looking for more clients or are we over burdened?
2.     Are all new employees inducted [review this every meeting asking if not why not]
3.     Review of Service Objectives [Are we doing what we want to be doing?] linkage with Strategic Planning.
4.     Exception Reporting [Ask WHY did it happen? How can we stop it ever happening again. Do we need more training? What else needs to change? Who can help?]
a.     Review any injuries [staff / Resident / visitor]. Include backpain.
b.     Challenging Behaviours [service users / staff / other]
c.     Medication Problems
d.     Infections / sickness
e.     Repairs & damage
f.        Compliments, concerns and complaints
5.     Health & Safety & Hazards: Are we safe? Are there areas were someone could get hurt / stressed? Have all service users that we lift got a Manual Handling Plan?
6.     Staffing Levels & Ethnicity Planning. Have we enough of the kind of staff we want?
7.     Internal and External audit reports – from the Internal Audit Workbook.
8.     Public Safety & Emergency Readiness [consider fire extinguishers / civil defence kit / evacuations as appropriate / more]. Purchasing Safety Review: look at hazards that new purchases could bring into the Home PRIOR to purchase. Include also planning for renovations / extensions.
9.     Training Needs: Have we got a list of required training, is it available to all staff, is the training happening, is it effective, what other training is required? Assess trainers.
10. Staff Participation / Contribution & General Business
Attendees at these Service Review meetings include management, care staff and service users, as appropriate, and their whanau.

Quality Reviews - 6 to 12 monthly
Quality Review of Medicine Management Program
Quality Review of Infection Control Program
Quality Review Social Program
Quality Review of Restraints

Staff Meetings - monthly
These meetings are about the day to day running of the Home / Service. They are also a good education opportunity for staff. This is a place for staff to have their say as well.

Resident / Service User Meetings
These meetings are a good venue for residents to air their needs and wishes. They should be a pleasant social gathering and a venue to plan improvements as well as a valuable source of concerns and complaints enabling us to improve our service. It is a good idea to have a positive facilitator and focus on improvements or wishes. These are of NO worth if they are not acted upon.

Community Consultation
This is requirement for Mental Health. It may be difficult to fill if you are Mental Health Respite of other Service that settles quietly into the community and seeks a low profile. Now, with 8134 & 8143 combining as a standard ordinary Rest Homes may need to demonstrate this at audit as well?

We may also have meetings with Funders and other Agencies.

ALL MEETINGS NEED TO BE WELL DOCUMENTED - the Healthcare Help System files all Meetings under their separate headings in a GREEN FOLDER. There are sections for each of the Quarterly Report Booklets. Service Review Notebook documents future planning.